Hazelnut & Cedarwood Atlas Face Cream


Antioxidant & moisturizing, penetrates the bottom layer of the skin and reduces skin oiliness.

50 g / 1.7 fl oz e

The texture is silky and smooth, penetrates the bottom of the skin, soothes skin sensitivity, constricts pores, purifies the skin, has a high moisturizing power to slow down the degree of skin oil, and can be used to deal with blackheads, acne, acne, excessive oil secretion and treatment of sensitive eczema. The scent of Atlantic Cedar is sweeter and warmer than other woody fragrances, but at the same time it does not lose the calm and elegance of the woody scent, so it is very suitable for use when focusing on thoughts. It can calm nervous tension and help the anxious mind settle down. Suitable for mixed skin and oily skin. This product contains organic Atlantic cedar ingredients and should not be used by pregnant women.


  • Before going to bed at night, use a pea-sized amount of Face Cream and dab the cream onto the face and neck in small dots. Gently massage the cream into your skin using small, upward, circular motions. Focus on trouble areas, such as the cheeks and forehead. Avoid areas that tend to get very oily, such as the creases to either side of your nostrils. If you have combination skin, focus more on the dry areas and less on the oily areas.
  • All our products are made of natural ingredient but we suggest first user to have patch test which ensure that it doesn’t lead to allergic reactions for plant. Testing the product by applying a small amount on the inner arm where the skin is thinner and wait a day or two to see if you react badly to it.
  • No preservatives and recommended to use within 6 months for best quality.
5.1 Hazelnut


Contains protein, minerals, vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, lecithin and protein, and its moisturizing and penetrating power is very good. Rich oleic acid is one of the important fatty acids of human skin. Its softening and moisturizing effect helps repair damaged cells and prevent aging. It also has the effect of stimulating the circulatory system and promoting blood circulation. It has a refreshing texture and can quickly penetrate into the skin. It also has the effect of astringent and purifying the skin, and has an effect on acne and acne.
5.2 Cedar wood stick

Cedarwood Atlas

It is rich in sesquiterpenes and has a particularly significant purifying function. It helps to reduce inflammation and swelling of the skin. It can be used to alleviate the troubles of problem skin, especially to improve the appearance of large pores, oily skin and acne, the appearance of capillaries and mild dermatitis. Its smell is woody and fragrant which it is famous for calming and purifying the mind, also stimulates the release of melatonin in the pineal gland of the brain.
2.2 Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel

Contains up to 10% tannins, has a good anti-oxidant calming effect, can soothe inflamed and swollen skin, promote wound healing, especially suitable for eczema or acne skin. It is also a mild pore astringent, tightens the skin, locks the skin’s moisture, makes the skin soft and elastic, and has a good soothing effect on sunburned skin.

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