Jojoba & Sabah Jasmine Lip Balm


Soothing & repairing, resists UV rays, prevent chapped lips and reduce fine lines.

16 g / 0.6 oz e

It is hypoallergenic, mild, moisturizing and has good penetration to prevent dry lips. It also has anti-oxidant effects. It can be used as a protection against ultraviolet rays or after-sun care. It moisturizes the lip skin, balances the secretion of surface oil and reduces fine lines. Suitable for people with sensitive, dry lips or those with fine lines.


  • Apply Lip Balm to your lips to maintain moisture in order to stay hydrated and keep your lips soft and plump, focusing If the sensitive lip area which makes your lips tingle or feels uncomfortable. Carry it with you and reapply as needed throughout the day.
  • All our products are made of natural ingredient but we suggest first user to have patch test which ensure that it doesn’t lead to allergic reactions for plant. Testing the product by applying a small amount on the inner arm where the skin is thinner and wait a day or two to see if you react badly to it.
  • No preservatives and recommended to use within 6 months for best quality.
1.1 Golden Jojoba

Golden Jojoba

It is rich in protein, minerals, collagen, vitamin D, E, and its ingredients are similar to human skin oils. It has high compatibility with the skin and is easily absorbed by the skin. It can form a moisturizing film on the skin, which has a very good moisturizing and moisturizing effect. Increase skin moisture, prevent wrinkles and aging, and restore vitality and luster to the skin.
1.2 Sabah Jasmine

Sabah Jasmine

It has the effect of promoting circulation and is more effective for dry skin. It maintains skin moisture, makes skin elastic, reduces lip wrinkles, and makes lips soft, rosy and bright. Its scent can soothe the nerves, build self-confidence, have a sense of optimism and spiritual joy, and can restore energy.
1.3 Shea Butter

Shea Butter

Rich in Phytosterols, vitamins A and E. It has excellent repairing, anti-inflammatory and skin healing effects. It can effectively resist oxidation, lasting moisturizing and anti-wrinkle, supplementing the lack of lipids in skin epidermal cells and helping wounds heals, enhances the skin’s immunity, doubles protection for dry and sensitive skin. It also contains saponifiable fats, fatty acids, cinnamic acid and other ingredients which not only moisturizing the skin, but also has the effect of absorbing ultraviolet rays.

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